Saturday, 12 May 2012

A few updates

First of all, I'd like to welcome Manus to Inso's World. Welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to comment as you see fit.

I have been busy varnishing and I am now into the Tunnel Fighter troops... gloss varnish is going on ready for matt spray. The house really does gain an 'interesting' odour when I start spraying. I gloss varnish one day and matt the next so the varnish smell is pretty much constant at the moment.

As a side effect of all the varnishing, I have had to order another miniatures case. Once I have finished all of the troops, I'll be starting on the mechs/vehicles but I am not in too much of a rush to get them stored away so I'll hold off on buying cases for those for now. It will just be nice to see some empty space in my cupboard!

I have been pottering about and I'd like to make a specific mention about Grekwood Miniatures. If you do not know, Grekwood was a long time patron of the Forum of Doom who sadly lost his life to an inherited disease a short while ago. In tribute to his brother, Carl Sutherwood has set up a miniatures company in remembrance and has managed to collect a small range of miniatures and accessories together in his store. The small range of miniatures are fairly 'rustic' but have bags of character. His shop contains Green Stuff, basing materials, glues and the Cote d'Arms paint range, amongst other things (which may be particularly apt now that GW has messed up their paint range...Cote d'Arms made the original GW paint)... so it is well worth a look.

I have added a permanent link on the right hand side of my blog.

On a different note, you may have noticed that I like my mecha. Well, I have added a blog to my blog list called Mech Dude's Blogspot that is pretty cool. He is in the process of getting the Macross range of mechs on the tabletop. He is working with the IP holders to both produce the mechs and a rule set to go with them. Hopefully they will hit the streets sooner rather than later... but until they do, the blog contains some really excellent miniatures to ogle at.

Finally, I have now only got one more Megaro-Zamac kit to go for the whole set. The one I was waiting for from Germany has arrived and is now stowed with the rest. If anyone happens to know where I can get my hands on a 'Run-Valam' kit from the Megaro-Zamac range, please feel free to leave a comment.

I have had a really weird week. I haven't thought about miniatures ideas once. It seems my muse has really done a number on me! I hope she returns soon so that I can get some sculpts done... I am WAY behind the schedule where commissions are concerned.

See you from the desk!

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