Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday

I'm glad it is a bank holiday. I was still pottering about at 04:00hrs this morning so it would have been a bit annoying to be going to work for 08:00hrs today. It was nice to see The House of Flying Daggers again... and the X-Files movie... and a bit of American Pie 2... night time TV is better than day time telly :).

So far, I have been a taxi driver for my little princess, have dug a piece of earth about  a foot square so that I could plant a potato and have been filling the house with the wonderful smell of spray varnish.

After the varnishing adventure today, I have decided that a coat of brushed on gloss followed by a spray matt varnish after that is the way forward. I'm glad that I picked up a few cans of the matt :).

So...I have now sorted out my cupboard so that I have the miniatures segregated into those that need varnishing and those that don't... I still have a long way to go but now I have to start thinking about how I am going to store the varnished ones... I do have an empty case but I need to adjust some of the sponge compartments to fit things in... I may just get another case with some differently sized compartments.

Hmm... decisions, decisions.

I have had a strange week. I have had absolutely no compulsion to do any painting or sculpting. None whatsoever. I have looked in my cupboards at all sorts of things to try and kick-start a muse... but nothing.

I am beginning to think that summer is creeping into my mind and that usually spells trouble for my hobby.

Hey... maybe I'll start getting my bike back on the road again! Oh... probably not... hell hasn't frozen over yet!

here she is:

Click the Pic!

She needs a lot of attention...


See you from a chilly plateau near the top of Ben-Nevis!

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