Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday again.

Today, I'd like to welcome Rovanite to Inso's World. He is the guy who has just started up Grekwood Miniatures so he is more than welcome here. I hope you have a look around and make comments where you see fit. Feel free to link to bits and bobs and if you have any questions, just ask.

Something strange happened last night.

I thought about Space Dwarfs. I thought about how people would normally think a Space Dwarf should look. I thought about what sort of equipment they might carry. I thought about the armour they might wear and how I could sculpt it. I even got as far as thinking about their boot-fasteners.

I have been thinking about recon vehicles for my sniper units. I only need four and have probably decided that there isn't a vehicle that I could use on the market at the moment. I'd love to have the Stoat armoured car from Micro Panzer but they are just too small to be of use. The Warthog ADV from Antenociti is too big and I am not set on the Old Crow range, even though the vehicle I chose will have to fit in with the rest of the Old Crow vehicles that I have for my urban army. A while ago, I started building some AFVs for a project and they may well get an airing at some point to see if they can be used (I'll just need to find some tracks or wheels to use).

I have been thinking about dropships again. Smaller ones than I have of late. Not a platoon level dropship, more a squad sized one. It must have something to do with HALO and my current thoughts on the subject (especially seeing as there is a smaller scale version with some of the aircraft being released at some point in the near future).

All this, of course means nothing until I start tinkering again but even on that front, things seem to be progressing. The varnishing is going really well. I have decided not to varnish my Super Soldiers at this time but have really put a dent in the rest of the troops.  So far, I have varnished (just troops so far):

  • The VASA bike platoon (10 bikes, 3 bikes with side-car) LINK LINK LINK LINK
  • The VASA Black Legion (5 minis) LINK
  • The Syntha marine squad (5 minis) LINK
  • The Beetle-bots (13 minis, 9 Dogbots and 3 skimmers) LINK LINK LINK
  • The Tunnel Fighter auxiliaries (3 medic bases, 3 k9 bases, the drone unit - 14 minis and an OGrymn) LINK LINK LINK LINK
  • 4 squads of basic Tunnel Fighters (40 minis) LINK LINK LINK LINK
I don't think that it is too bad for a week's worth.

Only 70 more Tunnel Fighters to go before I have to worry about vehicles and mechs... but I won't be worrying too much about those until I decide to start buying more cases for them to be stored in. The cupboard is my only worry at the moment and there is getting to be plenty of space in there... which is really pleasing because it has been a bit of an anchor around my neck.

Hopefully all this housework will stimulate a little bit of a movement with my muse.

See you from the midst of a varnishing haze!


Rovanite said...

Cheers for the welcome and mention :)

Inso said...

You are welcome :)