Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Sunday Update

Before I start, I'd like to welcome Komorigumo to Inso's World. I hope that you find something you like and find the time to comment on anything you feel the need to.

This week has mostly been geared towards my new Grymn army.  Here is a brief glimpse as to what the final paint-scheme will be (minus the insignia):

Click the Pic!

There is much more information over at the GRYMN BLOG so if you need a Grymn fix, that is where you should head.

In other news, I have dug out my VASA Black Legionnaires and have started to 'grey up' the red the moment, there is little to show off but I have until the end of February to finish the squad so I have a little time yet.

With all the things I have on the go, I have made a short list of projects that I need to focus on:

1. Finishing off the Ambulance for my medic squad in the Tunnel Fighter army.
2. Varnishing the Tunnel Fighters so that I can put them into cases and make way for the next army.
3. Fix the vehicle license plates with decals.
4. The Void 1.1 pledge (one unit a month).
5. The new Grymn Urban Army.
6. Beetle-bot APC (counts-as a Necron Monolith).

Now I haven't put them in any order but these are the things I want to sort out...the decal side of things will have to wait until after Salute because that is where I am planning on getting a bunch of decals for numbers/letters and for insignia/unit markings...but I guess the varnishing side of things will be top of the list so that I can start clearing the decks.

Well, there you have it. A slight departure from the norm (what with firing up the old GRYMN BLOG again) but hopefully enough to whet the appetite.

See you from the turret!

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