Friday, 27 January 2012

Phew...the end of the week.

It has been a bit of a week but at least it is now over. I can relax and hopefully get some sleep over the weekend.

I have managed to write a bit more of the STORY so feel free to click the link and have a read...feel free to comment as it is still in the making.

I have finished the first Grymn for my Urban Mechanised Army; a test model that can be seen here: LINK Please feel free to share comments about it because it is the first one of an awful lot of troops and it would be nice to get it right (I won't be painting camouflage though).

Thoughts are on VASA pledges for next month and I have decided to go for my original idea and re-paint a unit of already prepare Black Legion troops with jump packs (some of the Black Legion models have wings). I am debating whether I should re-paint Commander X in my chosen urban scheme...or maybe pick up another one instead...Here she is at the moment:

Click the Pic!

Funnily enough, the red unit below her are the ones I will be there's a coincidence!

See you from the shed!


Qalpha said...

Don't waste the paint job, she's to fine for an overhaul.

You could just give the legion all bone coloured helms as a tie in to their commander and save yourself some time and money :)

Inso said...

I'm afraid that she would stick out like an Ork at a tea-party with her bone armour...the rest of the army is going to be grey...

I expect I'll end up getting another copy because I quite like the way I painted's a shame she'll always be single though ;).