Thursday, 26 January 2012

I'd forgotten how nice it is... paint a single piece miniature.

I have finished painting the first Grymn in ages. What makes this one different is the distinct lack of converting or messing about. I cleaned it, glued it to a base, filled the gaps and painted it. Smashing!

I have also written a bit more STORY...which is nice.

Just thought I'd share.

See you from the top of a step-ladder!


Ajsalium said...

But there's no pic.

So, it didn't happen.

That's the law. ;-)

Inso said...

I am saving the pic for a bit of labelling and explanation as to what I've done. It isn't perfect and I am going to have to change a couple of colours...

...It'll get an airing at some point :)'ll just have to 'WATCH THE SKIES!' :D