Thursday, 29 December 2011

Today's chatter...

It is really annoying when you have an idea, know exactly what you want to do but don't have a simple method of putting it down as hard-copy somewhere.  I can draw but I need things to be 3d so I can turn them over in my hands to get a proper idea of perspective.

I suppose I could get a 3d modelling program for my PC but it would still be just an image with nothing solid to actually hold on to.

I expect that I will build a scale model out of cardboard but it seems a waste of valuable time to me...time I could be using to build the real thing.

...Oh...I'm talking about dropships, if you haven't gathered :) .

I have the design.

I have had the design in my head for a long time BUT it only goes as far as the outside so I will have to think about the internals.  Today I have been thinking about retractable undercarriage and have worked out a way of opening the external doors before the undercarriage's all done with rotation and levers...of course, I have to build the legs, wheels, lever/roller system, hinges for the doors...not to mention the rest of the ship!

I suppose I'll get the drawing to a standard where I can scan it at some point...

While all that thinking is going on, I have been painting the drone vehicle and due to it's larger size, I have just finished base-coating it ready for it's wash in Devlan Mud.

Time flies...

See you from the back of the bus!

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