Friday, 30 December 2011

I've only gone and done it again...

One of the worst things about Christmas is getting gift vouchers.

Hear me out on this.

Gift vouchers are great.  They allow you to buy what you want from a shop and can also be considered a present because they aren't cash.

But the trouble starts when you go to spend them.  Spending gift vouchers rattles your inner cage and unearths some of those ideas that only come out when you get gift vouchers because you have to spend them in a certain place.

To explain my views...I received some Games Workshop gift vouchers this Christmas.  I like getting them because I can spend them on paint.  However, when there are more vouchers than you need paint for, there comes a problem...what to spend the rest on?

Last year, I spent them on a box of Necron Warriors and a box of Space Orks.  This year, I bought some paint and was thinking what to spend the rest on when it suddenly dawned on me...Special Necrons to convert into more specialised Beetle-bots.

So I have bought a box of Lychguard and a box of Immortals.  The reason I bought the Immortals was to make...Beetle-bot Immortals!  I bought the Lychguard to build...Beetle-bot Wraiths!


Well, the Lychguard have some nice big shields that are perfect for hover-boards and the box also contains all sorts of blades and scythes so they are perfect to represent the Wraiths.

Both boxes contain a wealth of other components so I may end up with a few extra specialised units as well.

...and here was me hoping to concentrate on finishing the Tunnel Fighter army!

...That said, I have a second Marauder APC coming from Fenris Games to act as transport for the medical squad and for some reason that I am completely unable to explain, I have a second Thunderbird 2 on it's way from E-Bay.

Oh, come on!  Where would I be without far too much to occupy my time with?!

See you from the mosh pit!

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Lord Siwoc said...

This is not madness...Just everyday life of a wargamer......