Wednesday, 28 December 2011

We're airborne!

Before I start, I'd like to welcome Jeff and...'a mystery follower' to my blog.  If the mystery follower who joined yesterday/today, would like to introduce themselves, they will get the usual welcome personally.  No matter who it is, I would like to welcome you both to Inso's World and would also hope that you take away ideas and feel happy sharing your own here.

Today I went shopping and have returned with a new helicopter.  It is a little larger than the ones I usually fly around my living room and it has induced fear in all those I hover over...I love it!  I'm sure I'll pop a pic up at some point.

So, yesterday I finished a drop ship but today, I finished the K9 squad transport for my Tunnel Fighters:

Click the Pic!

As much as it isn't an armoured vehicle, it fits in nicely with the police dog-unit that it more or less represents in the army so I am quite pleased with it.  It is painted in quite a flat style but it is in tune with the mechs so, again, I am happy with the finish (even if it isn't as accomplished as I can manage).

Next on the painting table (vehicle wise) is the Drone unit transport and it is quite a lot bigger than the K9 one so it will take a little longer.

It is all ticking along nicely.

See you from behind the radiator!

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