Thursday, 1 December 2011


To start today's post, I'd like to welcome Phil C. He has just found his way into Inso's World and will hopefully find something to inspire or borrow for his own purposes. Welcome aboard Phil C, I hope you enjoy your stay.

Recycling is a great way to build armies without buying in lots of new stuff. As you all know, I am a bit partial to buying cheap bits and bobs from E-Bay and I have bought a wide range of 'stuff that might come in useful'. The two vehicles below fall into this category:

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On the left, we have an IFV from Fenris Games. On the right we have a small van from Ground Zero Games. Two things immediately spring to mind. First, the van has been out of production from Ground Zero Games for a very long time...but fear not! You can now purchase it from Daemonscape on E-Bay. Secondly, the Fenris IFV originally came with a turret but I decided to add a skirt to it and turn it into a small hover vehicle for my Grymn desert is what happened (a LONG time ago):

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Anyway...I digress...My Tunnel Fighter army is in need of four transport vehicles; one each for the specialist units. Last night I had a sudden brainwave and remembered that I had some resin vehicles hidden away that hadn't been allocated to any projects. I had a quick root around and now have the perfect vehicles for my K9 and Drone squads.

The K9 vehicle will be the GZG van. It has plenty of room to house 6 K9s and 3 Grymn so I won't be converting it at all. When I bought this vehicle, I was warned that the moulds were a bit old so there is quite a bit of clean up to do...and I may end up having to use some Lego wheels...but it isn't un-salvageable.

The Drone vehicle needed to be quite large and as a result, the Fenris vehicle is perfect. I will need to convert a few bits and bobs for it to achieve it's purpose but not too much. I will be adding some roof hatches for the aerial drones to fly out of and will also be adding a large rear ramp for the wheeled drones to gain entry and leave from the back. I am also going to armour-up the front a little. As you can see, I have added spacers to the wheels to add a bit of width to the vehicle so conversion is under way.

As you can see, I now only need two transport for the medics and one for the OGrymn squad. I am thinking about having a flier for the OGrymn (and I already have a kit in mind that, again, I have in my collection) and another vehicle that is large enough to house an operating theatre for the medics...and that one is going to take a bit of thought.

One thing that has happened as a result of my digging is that I have decided to add a second trooper to the drone squad to act as a driver.

...AND...I find I have been distracted again...

At least it is a distraction that has led back to a constructive project.

See you from the deep, dark caverns!

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