Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A little consolidation.

After all the happiness involved in finishing a block of APCs yesterday, it got me thinking about how near to finishing the Grymn Tunnel Fighter army I really am. After all, there is more to the army than just the basic troop units...and finishing the last of the mechs will finish those off nicely...but what about the rest?

The army currently has 3 specialist units; a drone squad, a medic squad and a K9 squad. At the moment, none of those units have any transport and to be honest, the APCs that I have been using up until now just won't work so I would need to find something more appropriate.

Add to that, the start of another specialist unit that has a pair of OGrymn in it (please ignore the three APC's, it is just the WIP conversion that is of interest):

Click the Pic!

Click the Pic!

I am really unsure where I want to go with this unit. The OGrymn are quite rare (in Grymn society) so I only want to have the two of them in the unit. I will need to add a comms drone and 7 other troops to finish the unit off but I haven't decided how I want them I have a unit full of heavy weapons or bodyguards or even basic troops? Then I have to consider the size of the OGrymn and how they can be transported.

More questions are raised when I look at the Clanker units:

Click the Pic!

At the moment, I have two Clanker units and they each have 3 members. The models that they are converted from (Vulkan Battlesuits from the OOP Warzone game) are very unique and really suit the theme of this army. As a result...I have a further 15 of them in my cupboard. I have decided that I need to keep all these models for the Tunnel Fighters, rather than spreading them piecemeal over a range of projects so that means that I have to find a way of integrating them into the army. I have decided that three units of 7 clankers would be the best option because that would keep the colours down and also make each of the units fearsome opposition. 6 of the Clankers I have in the cupboard have weapons conversions (3 laser cannon and 3 heavy cannon) so it also made sense to build three units to take that into account.

So to sum up...

I need to finish the 4 mechs in order to complete the basic troop units.
I need to finish the OGrymn and 8 other squad members PLUS decide on a transport.
I need to decide on the transport for the 3 specialist units (drone, medic and K9).
I need to build and paint 15 Clankers and add them to those already finished.

THEN the army will be finished...

It is funny how slowing down to think about things really adds to the work-load!

See you from the forge!


Brummie said...

Delivery by tunnelling vehicle for you specialist units perhaps? I was gonna say air but then its a tunnel dwelling force

Qalpha said...

Sounds like a trip to old crow to me :) but don't forget to check out Antenocitis Workshop, they've got some real nice vehicles in their G.O.T range.

A side opening cage for the 'dogs' same way as real life dog units would work fine with minimal conversion work...although from what i've seen that's not something your shy of :)

Clankers... plenty of mecha cartoons in anime for inspiration from magnetic drop off under-bays to single vehicle transportaion storage and maintaince usage.

I don't know if they're still available but the old Starcom toys had some pretty good container shifting rigs and they're close to 28mm, perhaps a little tall for grymm.

crap... i've written an essay my bad... happy modelling.

Inso said...

I have thought about tunnelling vehicles but I am not a fan of what is out there...and with the specialists requiring very specific vehicles, access would be an issue.

I have a bunch of Old Crow vehicles and I am tempted but I also have some vehicles from Ground Zero Games and Fenris that are tailor made for what I want. The only bugbear is the medic unit and I want a tractor/trailer unit for them...I fear another conversion project is incoming :)

In fact...I have already started work on the drone unit's transport :).