Saturday, 3 December 2011

A little tinkering and a fond farewell.

Today, I am between jobs. I left my last job on Friday and was sorry to go. I start my new job on Monday and am looking forward to a new challenge.

The job I left was working as a Puma, rectification controller on 230 'Tiger' Sqn and I can honestly say that the last three years have been the best of my career.

The job I am moving to is on the same unit (so I don't have to move home) and is a staff job that takes me further towards a desk but ticks a box for further promotion. It is also a job that I have wanted for a very long time so leaving 230 Sqn is very bitter/sweet. My new job sees me liaising with the RAF Puma units and industry/design authorities so it should be quite entertaining once I get my feet under the desk. It doesn't stop me being apprehensive about Monday though...

On to hobby things and I went over to Reading today and picked up some cheap wheels for the K9 vehicle. I have been busy tinkering with both of the support vehicles and once I have attached the wheels to the K9 transport, I will post pix of the pair of them. I have had a bit of a mare with wheels and gluing stuff...and have managed to get glue all over the place! I even managed to glue my fingers together last night (the super-glue tube split and I hadn't realised...) but I managed to sort things out with a little soapy water.

Since I received my parcel on Wednesday, I have sorted out a few miniatures and hope to show a few bits and bobs on Sunday's post.

See? There's always lots going on here!

See you after the start but way before the end!


squadno9 said...

Good luck, hope your new job goes well.

Brummie said...

Good luck with the new job tomorrow