Sunday, 18 December 2011

A mixed bag today.

I have been busy for the last couple of days and thought that I would share some of the results.  To start with, I have added grey to selected panels on the remaining four mechs:

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The next step is to wash them with Devlan Mud and re-paint all the grey.  I guess that it will all be worth it once they are all finished...

...on the subject of grey, the next squad of bikes for my Void project is finished:

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They have slightly smaller decals and a more regular camouflage pattern than the last squad but I think that they will fit into the platoon fine.

The Pug squad has got a fully painted leader now so I'd like you to meet Meg:

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She is finished but I am still in two minds as to whether I want to add some camouflage to her...I quite like her plain and she is so small that painting the camouflage will be quite fiddly...Hmmm...decisions; decisions. isn't purple but it is an interesting shade of red... cut a long story short, I opened a secret Santa gift at work and it contained a hint that my hair was I applied it and now it isn't!  I suppose, in the light of day, I should have thought about it more sensibly but hey...I'm on holiday so what can possibly go wrong?:

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...and so the world turns...

See you from the stage, man!


Brummie said...

ALL Looking good. As to adding camo to the little lady perhaps some white zig zags or something.

But she looks good without

John Lambshead said...

I love tyhe 1960s-looking robots.

Ajsalium said...

You'll have to update your avatar. ;)

Qalpha said...


Liking the "red"...ahem colour scheme camo would be nice but it looks good without.

I was perusing the ainsty stuff when i came across this dunno whether your familiar with it but it might fit the spec for the medics:

Sloth's with trailers and cargo boxes.

All the best.

Deadestdai said...

You earned those greys Mr. They are a sign of wisdom and tolerance of stress situations! :)

Purple Meg is a cute one.

Inso said...

Cheers everybody :).

I think I'll paint up all the pugs and then see if they look too bland...if they do, then I'll be camouflaging them will be very fiddly though.

The Votoms robots are some of my favourites and if I could have got a LOT in 1/60th scale, then I would have filled a tabletop with them...but these larger ones (1/35th) have become a part of the family now.

The hair is only red for Christmas...I just have to work out how I am going to fix it before I get back to work now!!! The things we do 'just for a laugh' and then come to our senses once we are beyond the point of no return :D ...

My avatar?...Hmmm...:D

Inso said...

Those Sloth vehicles are good but I'm not set on the wheels...maybe something to think about though :).