Monday, 19 December 2011

Everything has gone grey...

I have been busy painting things today.  Not something unusual in itself but today I have been top coating mechs.  First of all, I finished washing the last one with Devlan Mud and then I commenced the tedious task of re-painting all those grey panels.  So far, I have managed two of them...all the grey panels grey...I also managed to finish the pilots in both of them.  So there are still two more to go...all that much grey...

...once the grey has been finished and the pilots painted, I have the packs, lenses (in the visors), shoulder pads and bases to paint...but at least there will be no more grey.

I will be very glad to see the end of these (as I really like seeing them fully painted but don't always enjoy the process of getting them there).

Also today, I wrapped a few presents, went out for a coffee with my wife (while both the nippers were off visiting friends) and read a bit of Void1.1 to see the rules for Ronin APCs.

What the voices tell me...

...dropships...gunships...Void1.1 miniatures (especially Void Knights)...Daemonscape buildings...bikes.

On a completely separate note...I find it really amusing when people break the law and then moan about it when they are caught.  There is a bloke who has been teaching children to play drums in his garden shed.  They pay him for lessons.  He didn't apply for planning permission and has been forced to stop.

He is moaning about losing his lively-hood but he is using an unlicensed building to teach children to play drums...

Is the building up to code?
Has he applied for a license to teach/run a business from his property?
Has he been correctly vetted?
What are the safety measures in the building?
Is he a noisy neighbour?

who knows?  But I think if a bunch of travellers turned up in his neighbourhood and set up camp, he'd soon be on to the council to shift them on because the don't have planning permission.

I was saddened today when I heard that the dog of a friend of mine had died.  Terrible timing but worst of all, the passing of his dear friend.  I really feel for him.  I still miss my little Smudge and that was 7 years ago :( .

See you from behind the curtain!


Mr Teufel said...

Sorry to hear about your friend's doggy.

But speaking of grey, does your new icon imply that you've dyed your hair?!

Inso said...

My picture is in the last post...yes, I have died my hair (just for Christmas).

It's a long story but I decided to do it, did it and am now wondering how to fix it for when I get back to work...

Mr Teufel said...

Somehow I missed that.

It's clear what you need to do before going back to work: go nude-nut!