Saturday, 17 December 2011


I have started my Christmas holiday today and I am looking forward to two weeks where I can relax and recuperate from a year of high-paced challenges, varying emotions and a complete change of working environment.

I was out last night and because I was 'duty driver' I returned home late but sober...something I am really not used to.  As a side effect of all that diet-coke and orange juice, I was up fairly early and have already glued the sand to a few bases; ready for them to be painted later on.

What is on the cards?  Well, my main goal for this holiday (apart from all that family stuff that I will be enjoying), is to get the last four of the Tunnel Fighter mechs finished.  It is a relatively small goal but it is one that will signify a lot...another milestone in the Tunnel Fighter history.

In amongst the mechs, there will need to be a few minor distractions and I have some other little bits and bobs to keep the mental juices flowing...a pug squad, some vehicles, some more Void stuff, the sci-fire and maybe even some Mantic dwarfs...but the main thing will be keeping up the pace on the mechs.

Well...if you are on holiday now, I hope you have a good one.  If you haven't started your holiday yet, I hope you have a good holiday when it arrives.  If you aren't getting a holiday this year...I hope you get what you can from your time and eventually get the rest/recuperation you are owed.

All the best and stay safe.

See you from the dug-out!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention...don't drink and drive and if you know someone who is/is about to either stop them or shop them...

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Lord Siwoc said...

Working everyday untill x-mas. I doubt I will get anything done except my little santa. Have some happy holidays mate!

Inso said...

All the best and I hope you find some joy when you finally get a break :).