Monday, 26 December 2011

Landing on Boxing Day.

To start today's post, I'd like to welcome Mark Beardmore to Inso's World. Hopefully, there will be something to inspire or interest you as you stroll around the grounds :).  Make sure you get involved and feel free to ask questions and give costs nothing and shares the wealth. is Boxing Day...the day after the biggest day of the year.  I am happy that everything went well on the day because I was responsible for dinner!  I always knew my goose was cooked; even before I cooked one yesterday...but the fact that everything landed on the table at the right time, was cooked and there was enough of it means that I managed to get it right so I am happy.

Boxing Day is the big exhale after Christmas.  All the build up has gone...the big day has is all quiet in the house with children clinging to their beds and parents too tired to move far from the sofa.  It is a time for chilling out and reflecting...

...but with quiet times come the voices...

...and at the moment, they won't leave me alone! I am beset by thoughts of Dropships.  I have been looking on search engines, trawling through E-bay, drawing pictures...and I know what I want to do but it will be a lot of work and I don't know where it will be stored once it is finished.  The basic idea (even though it will make it more difficult) is to make a Dropship that fulfils the following criteria

1.  Large enough to carry a mechanised platoon with troops dismounted from their vehicles (vehicle and troop space)
2.  A detailed cargo area.
3.  A detailed cockpit area (with crew).
4.  Modular construction (with a possible thought of casting).
5.  It must look functional and able to travel in space and in atmosphere.
6.  It will be made with Grymn in mind.
7.  It will be VTOL but with wheeled undercarriage (that way it can manoeuvre on the ground and be towed)

It will be a big project with a big final product so it will take a long time but it seems that this is one itch that I am really going to have to scratch because it won't go away.

In other news...I have been cleaning up some Critical Mass Games, 15mm, 'Protolenes':

Click the Pic!

They are bipedal dog-soldiers and they are bleeping tiny.  I may even end up not painting them because they are smaller than I thought...but they are getting cleaned up, just in case.

Another thing that jumped out at me were some rather nice little toys.  While I was Christmas shopping at a local supermarket, I saw these hanging from a shelf and thought that they would make cool little service vehicles:

Click the pic!

There were only two of them, unfortunately, but they are Matchbox 6x6 ATV, toy cars and once I have sorted out the cockpit and painted them, they will make a great addition to the masses.

As a final note, I have ticked along with the K9 vehicle and have washed it and top coated it ready for detailing...only a small amount of effort required to finish it.  It should be finished soon and then I'll take a squad pic.

Well, I hope everyone had a good day yesterday and are able to chill out is only fair, after all!

See you from the sofa!

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