Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve...and I made it :).

Well it is Christmas Eve again and it couldn't be more different than last year with it's -22 degree temperatures and snow all over the place.  Today is cloudy and overcast outside...

...but inside the house it is tidy time!

The TV was so bad that we have some Jack FM radio playing instead. the hoovering, tidying and cleaning has been done ready for the big day tomorrow.  A bit later I will be checking the goose so that I can sort out cooking it tomorrow, fishing out the giblets for some stock, deciding on veg and generally preparing everything.

The lap-top has been dug out for it's monthly dose of up-dates, my work space has been cleared from the dining table, all my WIP stuff is out of sight in one of the many cupboards and everything looks far too tidy...well...far too tidy for MY house anyway!!!

I doubt if I will be able to resist a spot of painting later so I'll be putting some paper down and washing my K9 vehicle with Devlan Mud...and maybe even painting the highlights too...who knows?

What is left?

Click the Pic!

I wish everyone well this Christmas and even if you are not celebrating the event, make sure you stay safe and enjoy the weekend.