Monday, 26 December 2011

Dropship woes.

Well...a funny thing happened today.  I went up into the loft to put a box up there and one thing led to another...and I ended up bringing down one of my old stalled projects.

It stalled because I had painted it in awful colours and had given up on it...well I decided that the voices couldn't be ignored today and I have been re-painting it a lovely shade of...

...well I guess you'll see what my little dropship looks like tomorrow, won't you?!

Fear not.  It isn't the one that has been eating at me, just another one from days of yore :D .

Tomorrow, I will mostly be sharpening my elbows because I am going shopping with my family.  God help them because I detest shopping during Christmas when the sales are on.  It seems to turn people into zombies...hey, there's a neat idea for a zombie themed game...people turned into zombies as a result of blind capitalism.  I think it would be most satisfying playing a game where you can get miniature revenge on the type of people who bump, push and charge at you during sales shopping.

"Push in front of me, will you?" The adventurer screamed "EAT CHAINSAW DEATH!!!"

I may throw that one to Vampifan, he's well into all things zombie.

See you as I leave things in my elbow fuelled wake!


Vampifan said...

Hee, hee, I'd buy that game, Inso!

Brummie said...

I detest the sales also. I would rather yank teeth out than go to a shopping centre.

Will be interesting to see the Dropship with before and after shots?

Inso said...

When I get around to the big dropship, I will take WIP pics as I will be a LONG project. For the small was mostly finished when I fetched it out of the attic so there were no before pics I'm afraid.

dropship said...

thanks for the post guys..