Sunday, 6 November 2011

Well...throw a little candy cane red in there...

Good morning everyone. I'd like to start by extending a warm welcome to our latest follower CPBelt. Welcome! I hope that you enjoy the turbulent idea stream that runs through Inso's's the way I do things :) .

So...Iron Man got finished. Here he is before paint:

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...and here he is after paint:

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I really enjoyed painting this one because he took very little time due to the very limited colour palette. He is also another one that improved in the paint (in my opinion).

It is quite strange because Iron Man really highlighted the fact that small facets of an idea create the overall impression. To explain myself I can say that I could have sculpted practically any style of armoured body but as long as I added the right style of mask, I would have ended up with a recognisable Iron Man...the mask makes the man. Add to that the colours and we have an overall impression of Iron Man no matter how little the armour resembles the actual character... there's an idea.

Generic characters with tiny little design cues being IP free. Add a distinctive paint job and all of a sudden you have a recognised character from a Marvel/DC universe.

Goliath is fact, he is REALLY big. I have added some flesh to his wire frame using Milliput because it is cheaper to buy than Green Stuff. Even as an OGrymn he will be approximately 60mm tall. If I am not particularly careful, Goliath may be the one that breaks my I will be ticking along with him while I sculpt other, smaller heroes. Out of all of the various Hank Pym costumes, I have decided to go for the following one but with additional ear-covers in yellow:

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There are various versions of the same costume including one that gets rid of the spiky boot/glove tops so I will be doing that version.

With Goliath, you will have to close one eye when you look at him because he will be a slightly hunched OGrymn with shorter proportioned legs, extended torso and over-large head. Unlike the Goliath in the comic books, he won't be able to shrink/grow and would never have had that ability. What we have is a character that is already giant sized, taking a super-serum and gaining additional strength, toughness and durability compared to his counterparts...and bearing in mind that an OGrymn is already quite a brute, he will be quite exceptional in Grymn society.

OGrymn are genetic throwbacks from Grymn DNA. They are born, just like Grymn but grow at an alarming rate. They are very rare and as a result are treated as gods among Grymn; practically revered! They are trained and tutored through their lives to be leaders and great fighters and what they want, they generally get. When the Grymn super-soldier program was approached by an OGrymn who wanted to join, they had to radically change certain parts of the facility to be able to fit the bulk of an OGrymn in. They also had to be very careful with their calculations because to harm an OGrymn would be considered an inexcusable crime. Once they had triple checked everything, they went ahead and Goliath was created.

More background will be coming soon.

See you from the giant's boot!


Lord Siwoc said...

"And to the right you see the building of the Fantastic Four!"

Hehe... No I really like him, a nice pose!

thornin said...

After seeing the damn awful mess you did on iron man ... Hahaha I'm kidding I can't wait to see rescue sculpted. Great greenstuff work again you awful git !!!