Friday, 4 November 2011

I am...Iron Man!

Welcome to Vern; the newest traveller through Inso's World. It is great to have you aboard and make sure you comment on the things that interest you because it may influence what gets posted :).

I have finished a week of night shifts and as usual, I finish at 07:30 and return home. Once I am out of my uniform and into some civvies, it's off to town for a cooked breakfast and then a day of pottering about and tinkering with things. I don't generally have a sleep on the last morning because I won't sleep at night so I just stay up and occasionally dose for a few minutes. Fortunately, I am generally in a lovely, dopey, relaxed frame of mind that is perfect for those jobs that require a lot of patience... sculpting :).

As a result, I have finished sculpting Iron Man. Unfortunately, I started painting him before editing the there aren't any at the moment.

In addition to that, Captain Britain is more or less finished from the waist down. Now I need to sort out the rest of him but he is ticking along nicely.

Seeing as I am in the right mood...I watched Iron Man two again this evening. It is a cracking film purely as a result of Iron Man, War Machine, the drones and 'big suit with whips guy'. It really makes me appreciate the joys of modern digital special effects...AWESOME!

So...where the heck am I at with the super-soldier project?

Well, once Iron Man is finished I have these to make:

Captain Britain
Demolition Man

...and I have decided to add an OGrymn to the programme. He will be dressed as Goliath, resplendent in blue and yellow spandex :).

I was thinking that there may come a time where an OGrymn might decide that he wants to undergo the upgrades and because they are revered in Grymn could the scientists refuse?

I am listening to all of the suggestions I have been getting and there is likely going to come a time where some other characters get sculpted but I am holding on until I have my little band finished keep the suggestions coming in because they may well appear if I think they fit the bill.

What about the Wrecking Crew? Can there be villainous Grymn? Would they fight amongst themselves? Who knows?

See you in the reflection of the final tear from a dying man!

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