Thursday, 24 November 2011 one day?

Another welcome is due! Welcome Qalpha! I hope you find something cool in one of the side-streets or alleys of Inso's World...if you don't, it may find you! is one of the boxes that turned up in the post...a box of ten Steel Warriors:

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Inside the box I found 6 sprues: 5 identical troop sprues and one with ten bases on it. There was also two pieces of foam and an advertising pamphlet...I was expecting a Mantic point but was disappointed:

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Here is a pic of one of the sprues from the front and the back:

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...and here is a pic of the bases and a small squad of assembled Steel Warriors:

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Looking at the assembled troops: from the left, we have two un-poseable troops, Two troops with a poseable head (chosen from a selection of three) and a Sgt/leader with different equipment and poseable head.

Cleaning: Once clipped from the sprues, the cut lines were removed with a scalpel and any mould lines were scraped off in seconds. No issues to speak of.

Assembling: In order to get a tight fit for the torso onto the leg section, a small amount of trimming was required on the top inner corners of the leg piece (just where the rear fits in behind the shoulders). Apart from that, basic assembly is simple. I used polystyrene cement and it worked well. The only issue I have is that there were no instructions in the box so there are a couple of components that I am not sure of (the hose piece for one) I may have missed out on a vital component.

Conclusions: The plastic that is used is polystyrene so standard plastic glue is OK. Cleaning was hardly necessary. Assembly required a small amount of fettling but didn't take too long. The troops are fairly static with limited to no poseability. You have enough components to make ten basic troopers or five basic and five Sgt/leader models. The addition of an assembly sheet would make understanding what some of the small components are much easier.

I think that for the price, they are a very cool way to build a sizeable army. They have just enough variety to make them interesting but would probably get a bit samey if you want a HUGE army.

I am now looking forward to getting a pair of Stormrage Veterans assembled so that they can join this squad and I can get some painting done.

My next small review will be on the Stormrage Veterans.

See you from the turret.

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Draxius said...

At least you got the boxes.... I ordered the Forge Father Army Deal and upgraded it in order to get a carry bag. Figured the boxes would serve to hold my assembled mini's. Imagine my surprise when none of those were included. -_-