Friday, 25 November 2011

There's a Storm-Rage Coming...

To follow on from yesterday's Mantic review, I have managed to find the time to get to my Stormrage Veterans. Here's the box:

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It is a standard video style box but is a little bit thinner than the one the Steel Warriors came in. Inside we have a pamphlet, two pieces of foam, a sprue of bases (five spare) and the miniatures themselves. When they arrived they weren't floating loose in the box but were packed in a very small plastic bag (possibly too small as I could see there being issues with the contents damaging themselves). The components in the picture have not been snipped from sprues or altered in any way...they were individual pieces:

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Here is a close up of the three different types of miniature:

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The Stormrage Veterans are made of Mantic's 'Plastic Resin'. There was no indication of what glue to use on them so I used Superglue (cyanoacrylate) on one and liquid polystyrene glue on another...both worked well! Cleaning them was slightly more involved than the Steel Warriors because the material is slightly more brittle than standard polystyrene and the small amount of clean-up that was required took slightly longer...but it wasn't an ordeal and there was no mould slip to worry about. The two different gunners are single pose with no variation possible (you can't even swap the weapons between the two different bodies). The leader is single pose with the option of either a pointing hand or one holding a big hammer.

Once they were assembled, there was something that really stood out about them and that can be seen in this comparison picture with a Steel Warrior:

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It was immediately apparent that the Stormrage Veterans are smaller than the Steel Warriors. Stylistically, they fit together perfectly but size wise, they could be a completely different race. For me, mixing the sizes isn't a problem but for the more discerning gamer, I can see this being a deal-breaker...which is a terrible shame.

Conclusion: Easy to clean but it takes slightly longer than a Steel Warrior, simple to assemble once cleaned with no extra trimming required and can be glued together with standard plastic glue. Stylistically, they go well with their basic troopers but they are markedly smaller. There is a lack of variety in pose.

I like these but would have preferred them to have been in the same material as the Steel Warriors. I would also have preferred them to have been the same size as their basic brothers as the difference is quite plain to see. I can see a lot of gamers having real concerns over the size difference especially because the smaller troops have the heavier weapons!

Once I have assembled the leader, I will post pix but I see no reason to expect that assembly will be any different to the ones here.

See you from the top of the pine-pole!


Lord Siwoc said...

Looking good. I was tempted to get the marauders. But holding out a bit longer to see what other factions will pop up.

Bluddchugga said...

I definitely like the look of those dwarfs. The detail and edging on the resin models seems a little "softer than those of the Steel Warriors. Is that true?

Vorn Foehammer

Inso said...

@Bluddchugga - I have studied the two different types of material together; rolled them about in my hand and I can't really say that one is better than the other. The resin/plastic ones seem to have shallower detail but it is only where you would expect it to be. I can certainly say that the edges are just as sharp on both but I think that the different colours add the illusion that you refer to. Once they are all under-coated the same colour, I'll be able to get a better idea.