Thursday, 24 November 2011

New arrivals

Before I start, I'd like to welcome Dave to Inso's World. I hope you find something to keep your interest here.

You know what it's wait a week and then two parcels turn up at once (only a 'metaphorical' week).

Yesterday, I received my parcel from Heresy Miniatures that contained a roll of Green Stuff and a bunch of their fine Trench Coat gangers. I have all of the gang except for the juves and a couple of Slicks with alternative weapons. They are an excellent set of miniatures and I really should start painting them but at the moment I will have to just admire them in their metal state because I have too much on.

The second parcel I received was from Mantic Games and it contained a box of Steel Warriors and a box of Stormrage Veterans. I will be posting more about these at a later date but am really quite impressed by them at the moment.

I have managed to find the time to wash the VASA bikes and have started the highlighting process with a repeat of the base-coat. They are coming along nicely and I hope to have something decent to show off in Sunday's blog post.

Yesterday's celebration went really well and we had a good time with our children at a restaurant last night. Roll on to the next one.

See you from the bus stop!

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