Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Today, is a very special day.

20 years ago, I got married to my awesome wife.

Many people have got married but not to a completely obsessed model maker, painter, sculptor and serviceman...especially one with so many different personalities that it would make a normal person need to sit down for a stiff drink...never mind my sense of humour!!!

Over the last 20 years, we have moved about a bit, had triumphs and tragedies, differences of opinions, highs and lows but through it all there has always been the one thing that has kept us together...we are completely mad about each other.'s all very soppy but today, I can be soppy!

Next year, I will have been married longer than I haven't but I can rest easy, knowing that It will have been a great trip all the way.

20 years...and I remember the very moment she stole my heart :)

See you over the bridge :)


Vampifan said...

Many congratulations, Inso! I hope you both go on to live a long and happy life together. In this day and age of more and more quick divorces it is heart warming to read of any couple who are truly devoted to each other and who enjoy a happy marriage. I applaud you both.

Deadestdai said...

Congrats! 20 years is nothing to sneeze at whatsoever in this climate of alltooeasy divorce and other such unpleasantness where marraige is concerned.
Here's to the next 20!

Adam said...

Congrats on such a milestone for marriage.

Lord Siwoc said...

As said on facebook, I wish you two all the best. Happy anniversary mate

Brummie said...

Happy Anniversary to the both of you! May there be many more to come

bandit86 said...

That's super! congrats to you both here's too another 20.

Inso said...

Thank you for your kind messages.

We had a nice meal out and enjoyed the day.

Roll on the next 20 now :)