Monday, 10 October 2011

Two down and four to go.

I really couldn't help myself and decided that I needed to paint Hurricane. The trouble with Hurricane is that she has a really fiddly costume:

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As you can see, there are an awful lot of stripes and lines going on...which is great on a drawing but not so easy to replicate on a miniature that is 22mm tall! This is where the beauty of this little project comes in...I can change things because they are only based on the characters I have chosen to replicate, rather than being exact copies. With that in mind, I have chosen to simplify the stripes and lines with bold, black panels instead.

To cut a long story she is, keeping Black Widow company:

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I think that the new scheme has just enough to still be considered the Hurricane... may, of course, disagree :).

On a similar, yet different note, I am having a huge amount of difficulty deciding on whether the Beast is going to join the party or not. I like the original concept of Beast (a chunky bloke with big hands and feet) but I also like the modern, more hairy approach. The trouble is that the hairy one is going to be a nightmare to sculpt. The trouble with the original is that he doesn't really have anything 'glitzy' going for him.

I really want a mid-level brawler but when I start looking through the alternatives, I am pretty much stumped. All I can come up with are Beast, Wolverine, Sabre-tooth and Luke Cage-Power Man...maybe Sasquatch (but he is terrible) at a real stretch...

So...are there any more out there, from the Marvel universe that could fill the role? I thought of Black Panther but he isn't beefy enough...

Hmmm...decisions, decisions...

See you over the rim of my spectacles; gazing in a studious manner!


Lord Siwoc said...

Thor is a good muscle.

superherofigurehunter said...

Mid-level rawlers at Marvel?

Hercules (there was an old Golden Heroes mini that had a Dwarf-Hercules vibe BTW); maybe not mid-level (but then nor is Thor).
Triathlon (brawler-speedster and former Avenger).
Rage (big and beefy; ex-New Warriors and ex-Avengers)
USAgent (ex-Avenger)
The Vision

Brummie said...

Paintjob looks fab mate I wouldn't kick yourself over it artwork is always an inspiration.

I wish I had your skillfulness

Mike Strefford said...


Inso said...

Cheers for the ideas :) but I can't use too many of them because they are either mystical or can't be explained away with a superhero serum...

Thor is my all time favourite...but he is a god.
Hercules...the same.
The Vision has very unique powers that would be very difficult to explain (although he is another of my favourites).
Rage is a good call but his costume is dreadful (Mexican wrestler!)
Triathlon is pretty cool but he is a speedster and I already have one.
USAgent and Captain America are one and the same (in my mind) and I haven't ruled them out but I want something more interesting really.
Colossus is cool...but turning metal is a bit to specialised.
I'm after a character like Wolverine but without the killing edge. A mid level brawler who can soak it up and still keep fighting on...

...tricky :( .

Deadestdai said...

Try Puck from Alpha Flight the Canadian team? He's already a stunty himself and a good enough fighter to perhaps fit the bill?

Warpath from New Mutants.

Warlock, also from teh New Mutants.

I'd also offer Captain Britain? But I think he's mystical backgrounded.....

Inso said...

Funny you should mention Puck...I thought about using him but he'd be about 14mm tall if he was a Grymn...I haven't ruled it out but it will need careful thought (if I tried and failed, it may kill my muse :( ).

Captain Britain is cool...he is mystical in nature but he doesn't have to be. I could use the first version of him, where he has his hair showing and carries a staff.

I'll have to surf to find out about Warpath and Warlock...don't know them so I am off to investigate :).


...and keep the ideas coming :).