Sunday, 9 October 2011


Welcome to another Sunday with another post and a big welcome to our newest follower; Thornin. Good to have you aboard and I hope you enjoy wandering through the passages of my humble blog. I am SURE there will be something that will take your interest because, like myself, I know you to be fond of the diminutive characters of Dwarf kind.

There are things in life that can't be rushed. Sculpting miniatures...or sculpting in general, is one of those things. The frustration that surrounds waiting for putty to dry is massive that occasionally, I have to go out of the house to stop me putting fingerprints on my work because of my impatience to allow things to dry.

That leads me neatly on to what I have been doing this week and first up, I have finished sculpting Hurricane; the second of my superhero band. She can be seen here with a few other models shown for scale:

Click the Pic!

You may have already noticed that there is a further sculpt in the scale pic...and that is my third superhero, Juggernaut. At the moment, he doesn't have any arms but I am relatively happy with the way he is going:

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I have taken some design cues from a number of different versions of Juggernaut and have come up with an over-stocky, battering-ram of a character. Once the arms are added, he will be an absolute beast! Obviously, his arms will be high on the list for getting done but while I have been sculpting the superheroes, I have dug out a couple of WIP from the cupboard and have been slowly ticking along with those as well. In the following pic, you will see a really special kind of mushroom and a rather alien looking character...obviously there is more work required but I am getting there:

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I seem to have been visited by the sculpting muse at the moment so I have stopped painting for fear of losing her...can't have that now, can we?

So...Juggernaut's arms and the next character will be on the sculpting menu this week...but which character? Who knows?

See you from the parapet!


Lord Siwoc said...

I like the dynamic of the tornado, and jugger is just cute!

Brummie said...

Very good. I'd by a squad of Juggers!

thornin said...

Thanks for the shout out inso your work is a constant source of inspiration and your wealth of knowledge painting and sculpting annoys me no end at times because of a high degree of geek envy :)

Keep up the top work exalted brother.