Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I just can't make up my mind...

Before I start, I'd like to welcome Colonel Shofer to my blog. I hope, as I always say, that there is something here that you feel inspired by. Make sure you join in with comments if you feel the need!

So...what am I going to do? It is the age old problem of finding out who the sixth man is.

I have had some great suggestions for the sixth member of the superhero team that I am building and I am getting to a point where I am going to have to make my mind up because I am nearly finished with four of the six...and I need to be thinking about how the sixth man will be posed by now, rather than deciding who it will be.

What I am after is a mid-level brawler who can soak up the punishment and keep fighting.

He has to fit in with my super-serum/technological/genetic theme (so no weird powers/abilities) and ideally, must be slightly quirky.

On the cards are:

Beast (original, human looking but with big hands/feet)
Beast (hairy)
Wolverine (ruled out for being too killy)
Captain Britain
Captain America/USAgent
Luke Cage - Power Man
Collossus (ruled out for being in the too weird category)

I haven't ruled out Luke Cage but I am not sold on him. The original Beast is a bit boring looking and the hairy Beast is a worry for me...I don't want him to look like a teddy bear! Sabretooth suffers from the same hair problem as Beast.

So I am currently torn between Captain Britain, Captain America and Puck!

I ruled Captain America out a while ago for being a bit niche/boring but I can't rule him out because, quite frankly, I am running out of contenders!

Captain Britain is a cool character and he could easily have his background replaced by a super-serum due to his powers just being strength, agility, toughness and fighting prowess. He is probably the second contender at the moment...

... cool would a tiny, mid level brawler be? A REALLY tiny mid level brawler. One that is about 15mm tall (in miniature form)...

...and I am finding myself drawn towards the challenge of sculpting Puck. Whether or not I can rise (or shrink) to the challenge, is yet to be seen but I will give it a go, I think.

...but I am starting to think that Captain Britain, with his golden hair, red costume and staff, would make a characterful addition to the team.

Decisions, decisions...

Suggestions are still very welcome!

See you from the pool of radioactive waste!


Brummie said...

British is best!

Captain Britain for me

Colonel Shofer said...

My pleasure :)

Keep up the good work :)


Inso said...

I am probably going to sculpt Captain Britain and have a go at Puck as well. Once I have them done, I will most certainly have an interesting team so I can then look at trying Beast as well.

Yes, it will be a few more than originally planned but I really want to have Beast in the group but I want to make a good job of him...if I can't, it will put me off sculpting SO it is better to have a finished group and then have a go at the awkward ones afterwards.

...then I may do a few extras (male and female)...who knows? Once I get the bug, I may end up doing a few human sized ones!

Ajsalium said...

Clearly, I'd like you to sculpt a Beast. So I hope your muse stays with you long enought to finish him. :)

But regarding Captain Britain... I'm not sold on the character. Granted, you're British, so you'll be fonder of him than I am.
But I'd like you to take a stranger route... Captain Britannia. Female version, combining the look of the Marvel character with that of your patriotic icon.