Thursday, 13 October 2011

Finishing what I started.

With my current sculpting muse being in dominance of my hobby, I just have to keep sculpting until all of the mixed putty is used up. The trouble is that I only have a certain number of primary sculpts on the go at the same time. That means that I have to have other sculpts to tick along with. 'Creature' is one of those sculpts that I am just playing with. He was also my first go at using clay shapers. I think of him as a space ape of some kind...what do you think?:

Click the Pic!

I suppose that he would make a cool replacement for a 'Thing' or 'Hulk' character in a superhero team but at the moment he is just an alien test sculpt.

The eyes are tiny, 1mm diameter, steel-balls from Hasslefree and they make face sculpting much easier. Looking at the sculpt, I may just define the shoulders a little but I am fairly happy with it as it is.

I guess the mushroom man will be getting all the left-overs from now on!

See you from the top of a tower!


Fabian said...

I love the paint scheme on the Dark Eldar! Very "tough", rather than effete.

Inso said...

Ahh...he's from the Cabal of the Desecrated Tomb and is painted like ageing tomb-stones.

Adam said...

Your sculpted guy looks pretty cool. I don't have much suggestions for his paint scheme, but I like him a a dimwitted and maybe kindhearted villains sidekick.

I also have to say that your Eldar paintjob is amazing.

thornin said...

Just add a horn and that guy is rhino recurring villain from spiderman. Nice work again Inso.