Sunday, 11 September 2011

Job done...

Before I start today, I would like to welcome ADAM to Inso's World. I hope that you enjoy your stay here and find something that takes your interest.

I must admit that I have had a bit of a busy working week with late shifts but I have still managed to set aside some hobby time to carry out a walker conversion. You may remember me mentioning that I had bought some walkers from Critical Mass Games, at Salute a couple of years ago. Well, the walkers in question were three 'Arc Fleet Cannon/Missile Support Combat Walker' models and here is a picture of one (courtesy of Critical Mass Games):

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The walkers themselves, are made for 15mm wargaming but I thought that, with a little conversion, they would make good combat walkers for my Urban Grymn. Here is a picture of the components for one of the mechs and each of the three mechs came with all of the components shown (so there were spare chin weapons):

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The good thing is that the chin weapons will happily fit on the shoulder mounts instead of the main guns. This means that you could get the scout walkers and use them as close infantry support by fixing the chin weapons on the shoulders and under the chin...and they would be £2-00 cheaper than buying walkers with shoulder guns.

...anyway...I digress! I was intending to use the walker for my 28mm Grymn so I set about converting the body with plasticard and putty. After filling in the chin area I added a cockpit and a hinge block at the rear to give the impression that the canopy lifts like an aircraft canopy. Well...this is what I came up with:

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I used plasticard where I could and only used putty where I had to (to try and keep the design as simple as possible to re-create...especially because I have three of them). Here is what it looks like with some under-coat on:

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I almost forgot the usual scale shot so here it is:

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I hope you like it. I think it will be perfect for trotting down urban streets; blowing the heck out of the enemies of Grymn kind.

Once I have got it painted, I'll post more pics...and then I'll have another two bodies to convert. I must admit that although chopping up tiny pieces of plasticard can be quite frustrating, it can also be quite therapeutic!

That is it for today!

See you from the depths of the the deepest, darkest, hobby cupboard!


Brummie said...

They scale really well together! Looks like they where made for each other.

Adam said...

I'm enjoying my time here :D

This is a great post, some really cool mini customizing, and the final product fits in great.

Can't wait to see the trio completed and painted.


Avicenna said...

Wow! I'd go as far as saying that I prefer yours to the original - very nice bit of work. The three will really look impressive

Rabidchild said...
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Rabidchild said...

That's brilliant. I was skeptical at first but once it was primed it really came together. For your plasticard cutting needs have you true The Chopper II? It's a great tool for replicating multiple pieces.
(sorry for the edit)