Thursday, 8 September 2011

All things 15mm...

I seem to have got the intention to empty my cupboards of 15mm stuff at the moment.

After the 'Dogbots' I am keen to progress with a few more walkers so I am in the process of assembling a few more from Critical Mass Games. These ones are another Salute purchase...but from a few years ago and they, like the Dogbots, have been hanging around in my cupboard, making themselves awkward for quite a while.

Unlike the Dogbots, these walkers will need a small amount of conversion to make them usable for a 28mm army so I will be assembling them as far as I can and then converting them to suit. I already have plans for these and they will be joining my Urban Grymn forces in the fact, they may be the start of that project proper...who knows?

I know I have been a bit chatty this week but I am on a late shift and have not been sleeping too I am tired and can't do too much that taxes the mind. A bit of on-line chat and miniature assembly is about all I am good for, hence the multiple posts this week.

Don't worry though...pretty soon I will be back to Sunday posting so you won't have the same amount of waffle you have been getting over the last week or so :).

See you when the sun shines and the fish are jumping!

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