Sunday, 25 September 2011

Is it Sunday yet?

Shift work has had a nasty effect on me this week...I have had a major re-lapse on the sleep front and was wide awake until gone 04:00hrs this morning. It is a pain when I go to bed and feel tired out but have an active and wide-awake mind...but it does give me time to think.

So in amongst the de-caf tea I trawled the net to find some decent pix of superheroes for my little team and have now decided on the following group:

Nick Fury (go between)

Iron Man (flier/blaster)
Black Widow (martial artist)
Hurricane (speedster)
Juggernaut (brute)
Beast (brawler)

I have started sculpting the first of them and there is a sneak peak at the bottom right of the following picture:

Click the Pic!

Also in the Pic, you will see that I have progressed slightly with the three walkers. Although they are still in need of a major tidy up before I even wash them, they look a bit better now that the windows are defined.

Above the walkers are four more of my Tunnel Fighter APCs. They are assembled and filled as far as they need to be to get their undercoat applied...but the putty still needs to dry a bit so paint will have to wait. It is a funny thing that when I get a bit over-tired, I dig out things from the cupboard and just tick along with them...this time it was quite productive. I assembled the APCs with some epoxy glue from a 99p store...and apart from smelling very strongly of ammonia, it worked very well.

I reckon that I'll get a bit more finished on the little sculpt tonight but that will be about it. She is looking OK at the moment but don't expect super-detailed because I want to keep the little team simple and have the paint-scheme bring it to life. Also bear in mind that each one will be around 22mm you'll have to cut me some slack if they don't turn out awesome.

Can you guess which one the first sculpt will be?

See you over the metropolis tower!

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