Wednesday, 21 September 2011

From Russia in Perfect Safety

Whilst sleeping off my night shift, I was rudely awoken by the post man so I dashed downstairs in little more than my underwear and signed for my latest parcel.

The parcel had a nice Russian stamp on the front and a bunch of Russian script and inside the jiffy-bag was this:

Click the Pic! was a nice plastic soap dish or, as I'd like to put it, a future component in some sort of vehicle.

So I open up the little capsule and this is what I find:

Click the Pic!

Whoever sent this parcel REALLY knows how to pack things safely. So I delve a little deeper and I discover the true identity of the delivery...a small squad of Space Dwarfs:

Click the Pic!

They are from Velard Miniatures (a defunct company that had some great little sculpts) and they have been cast to order in resin. They are nicely cast with minimal mould lines and they will look very nice as a small security unit. They didn't come with bases but I have plenty of those so it isn't an issue.

I really like them and would recommend them...but they only appear infrequently on E-Bay so getting hold of them may not be easy.

Once I have got around to basing them (they will be on the back-burner for now), I'll post some scale pix.

Now...where's my cuppa? I need all the help I can get today!

See you through misted lenses as I drink from the cup of life!

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Brummie said...

They look rather nice mate. Very characterful.

Best thing in the world a cup of tea even a cold one