Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Oh dear...

Before I start my post, I'd like to welcome Spacejacker to Inso's World. Welcome! I hope you find some comfort as you travel around the mazes and the labyrinths!

So why 'oh dear'?

I have just won another auction on E-Bay. It was a timely appearance of something that had gained my interest during my internet travels. It didn't cost much...

...but it's more 15mm stuff.

I have a bunch of armoured wolfies winging their way to me and they will be perfect to go with my nine little walkers...probably because they are Protolenes, just the same as the walkers. I reckon that they will still be able to tie in with my 28mm stuff by being 'ickle aliens' but I may have to change my ideas when they actually arrive.

Strange things happen when you work funny shifts.

My little sculpt of my first superhero is nearly complete. I just have ears, hair, wrist-bands and hands to go and she will be finished. I reckon that by the time I go on shift tomorrow, I will have her finished...we'll just have to see.

My four APCs are now under-coated and ready for the base-coat to be applied. If I get time tomorrow, I'll start that little process. Unfortunately, the fiddly nature of the sculpting is keeping me from painting the three walkers so they have just sat...but they are certainly not forgotten.

That is about it for now.

See you through the window of my Spitfire as it plummets towards the ground!

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