Saturday, 6 August 2011

After a rest...

...I have returned home. I have been on holiday for a whole week and have not done anything hobby related...apart from read a White Dwarf magazine (or 'GW advertising monthly').

I have spent the last week wandering around, lying on beaches, visiting places (the falconry/owl centre was very cool), shopping, eating in restaurants/pubs and, funnily enough, playing a small amount of knock-about-tennis with my lad.

The diet thing has been on and off but I appear to be losing weight...which is a bad thing because my 32" waist jeans are now hanging off I'll have to go back to my cargo trousers again. I will have to find a way of eating healthily while maintaining the weight...

...didn't stop me having a few healthy glasses of cider though :).

While I am here, welcome to Maelstrom and David Harris! They both joined the ranks of Inso's World followers in my absence so welcome to them both! I hope you find something to whet your hobby appetite while you are here...even though you have arrived on a slow week.

So...I have taken a deep breath in the countryside and have had a bit of time re-charging. I am hoping to get back on the hobby train in the next day or so with the two remaining Death-Scooters being the first priority (basic highlight and details are all that is left for each of shouldn't take too long) with my Mechs taking second and APCs taking third. I really want to get the Tunnel fighters army finished soon so that I can crack on with other I have to throw myself at the mechs or I'll never get them finished.

Well...that about sums things up for now. I will be posting again tomorrow night (as usual) so I'll see you then :).

See you amidst the pigeons that are fleeing from the Peregrine in the stoop!

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