Friday, 29 July 2011

Another post?

First of all, I'd like to welcome Infojunky and Relic to Inso's World. I hope you find something here to power your imaginations :).

...So...I just got back from seeing Captain America and I would like to say that it was a very enjoyable film. The main character was suitably 'gung-ho' and poster boy material so he was perfect for the role. The main characters (and those of the Captain's wartime gang of soldiers) were well cast and I thought that the female character (Peggy) was lovely. Again, after the credits, there was a small teaser towards the stay until all of the credits have run! You have been warned ;). All in all it was a great film and has really set the scene for the Avengers.

I have been asked to show a few close up pix of my Beetle-Bots so I took a bunch of pix of a representative and here he is:

Click the Pic!

I hope this satisfies the curious minds...if not, I'll sort some more pix in a while.

I am expecting a very quiet hobby week because I have family holiday plans and they don't include spending hours sat at a painting/hobby table.

Well...that is it for now.

See you from behind a stars and stripes shield!


squadno9 said...

Great Minis, are the beetle-bots conversions?

Inso said...

If you check out this link and look on the second page, there is a 'How to' for converting Necrons (from Games Workshop) into Beetle-Bots:

There are also a bunch of pics of various Beetle-Bot pix and conversions :) .

squadno9 said...

aha! Cheers thank you for that!