Sunday, 15 May 2011

Yet another distraction...

There comes a time where I really need to say to myself 'FOCUS!!!'. Alas, it is advice I need to learn to follow because I have been distracted yet again. This time I was looking through posts in a forum and someone asked for advice about whether 1/72 tanks would work with Kindred (Halflings in WWI style uniform). I popped up a scale pic of my previous efforts and was reminded of how cool they a result, I ended up with these:

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They are still WIP at the moment but I have base-coated and washed them ready for high-lights. There are 12 there; three little fire-teams of four Kindred. Now that I have got this far with them I have suddenly come to the fearful conclusion that I am going to have a terrible time painting the eyes...but I guess I'll face that hurdle nearer the time.

Seeing as we are on the subject of distractions, I suppose I was already distracted from the main job at hand (Tunnel Fighters) by a new departure into Necromunda territory. I suppose it is only polite to show off my progress so far and without further ado, here are the two elements of my Enforcer gang:

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The top group is the close combat element witha Ronin APC and a cyber-mastiff. The cyber mastiff is one of the dogs from the GW LotR range 'Farmer Maggot' pack. I have drilled out the shoulders and an eye and inserted some tiny ball-bearings. The rest of the squad have had a few head-swaps, some power-mauls made out of Grymn power axes and also have shields from the Hasslefree range (can't remember which part of the range).

The lower group is the heavier part of the group with an old Ground Zero Games anti-grav vehicle (you can now buy these from Daemonscape on E-Bay). Again there are a few head-swaps but apart from that nothing more.

What all that means is that I have finished all the cutting and pinning part of the conversions and now need to crack open the green-stuff and get sculpting. Unfortunately, I have had a head-cold this week and I have been quite happy ticking along with a bit of base-coating but sculpting has left me cold...hence the Kindred got some paint.

I haven't really got much more done this week. I did, however, knock up an Excel version of the Necromunda gang roster sheet so that I could use copy and paste to fill it in and I now have a lovely sheet filled with Enforcer information. At some point (once I have a gang to show off properly) I will scan it into the computer so I can stick it on photobucket and show it off here.

I think that is about it for now. I hope to make some progress this week but I can't promise anything as I am still feeling a bit rubbish.

See you through bleary eyes!


Draxius said...

Inso, where is that Ronin APC from? Been looking around some but I cant seem to find it.

Draxius said...

...and of course I found it by reading further back....Doh!