Monday, 16 May 2011

Old Crow Monday.

I just thought I'd post a short statement about Old Crow Productions. Today, I received a parcel from Jez that contained my order of 1 Glaive APC (tracked) and 4 Slingshot IFV (wheeled) and when I unpacked it, not only were they nicely cleaned and crisply cast but I also got a free vehicle into the bargain!

This is the third time I have ordered from Old Crow Productions and every time I have been really impressed with the quality of the casting, the fact that the pieces are already cleaned and that I keep getting little freebies...this time, a whole vehicle!

The vehicle in question was a wheeled Rebel light utility vehicle in 25mm scale.

I whole heartedly recommend Old Crow Productions and send out my thanks to Jez for his excellent service.

Just to point out one thing. Quality comes at a price...and in Old Crow's case, the price is the fact that because each vehicle is cast to order, the time it takes to receive an order is a little longer than it would take to pack pre-made items and post them. From my point of view, the models are extremely reasonably priced and due to the quality, it is worth waiting a little bit longer to get the models. The website explains that there is a delay in sending out orders due to the demand for the models...a classic case of 'quality sells' if you ask me.

I am now the proud owner of:

1 Gladius tank (tracked)
6 Glaive APCs (tracked)
4 Slingshot IFVs (wheeled)
1 Trojan APC (wheeled)
1 Rebel LUV (wheeled)

I used the Trojan for my Beetlebots but the rest will be set aside for the Urban Grymn project.

Today...I am rather happy.

See you over the hillside!


Brandlin said...

i ordered 10 vehicles a couple of weeks ago - am eagerly waiting for the postman to knock.

I second your comments on old crow products and service - excellent, not sure i've ever got freebiew though ! ya lucky thing.

i'm hoping this will spur me on to paint some of my hundred grymn...

you never know...

Inso said...

Only 100...?

You know the form...they don't exist until we see painted pix ;).

If they are painted to the same standard as the original ones, they'll look cracking with some more painted vehicles.

So...crack on...:D