Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Necromunda Tuesday.

Salute opened my eyes a bit. I was helping out at the Hasslefree Miniatures stand and was there to answer any questions and find those miniatures that the punters couldn't. It was whilst doing this that I discovered that quite a few people were buying Grymn to use as gangs in Necromunda.

...and that planted an idea that I haven't been able to shift...

...so I downloaded the rules and add ons FREE from Games Workshop...

Now I have a Grymn gang on the go. I am doing a bog standard gang that has all the selections and points values sorted out for me so that I don't get tied up making mistakes with my gang selection.

I have gone for an Enforcer gang and it will consist of:

Patrol Team One:
1xSgt - Power Maul, Bolt Pistol
1xHandler - Power Maul, Bolt Pistol
1xCyber Mastiff - Teeth, Grrrrr
1xEnforcer - Grenade Launcher, Bolt Pistol
2xEnforcer - Power Maul, Suppression Shield

Patrol Team Two:
4xEnforcer - Bolt Gun, Bolt Pistol
1xEnforcer - Heavy Stubber, Bolt Pistol

The idea is that Patrol Team One acts as the lighter part of the gang, patrolling the streets and travelling in the Ronin APC that I have started (Only fluff wise...the vehicle won't be used in game) and Patrol Team Two is the emergency response side of things; flying into the street in an anti-grav vehicle and deploying to support the other team when things get rough.

I need to sort out two more miniatures for the project but so far I have carried out preliminary conversion work on Patrol Team One and just need to crack out the green-stuff to finish things off. I have also assembled the anti-grav vehicle for Patrol Team Two and have begun to chop off heads and start the conversion work on that team. The Ronin is already started (as can be seen from yesterday's post).

I just need to source one more Heavy Infantry Grymn and one Specialist with LMG (which will be the Heavy Stubber Enforcer).

I will be painting them up similar to the ones I converted a while ago but the Patrols will be different in the helmet department...here's a pic of the old Judges that I knocked up:

Click the Pic!

The new Enforcers will be mounted on standard bases.

Hopefully, I'll have some converted mini pix to show off on the Sunday update.

Any comments are welcome :) .

See you across the alley way!


Phil Curran said...

The enforcers are very hard to beat with all of their tricks. they were banned in a local club i use to frequent because they unbalanced the game.

Mine are more gritty and dark than your lovely Judges Grimm

Inso said...

I am quite lucky for two reasons...

1: Because I haven't even read the rules yet, I have no idea what I am selecting so the Enforcers were the obvious choice.

2: I don't game so being told I can't play the gang isn't a problem.

...that said, once I have read the rules I may want to have a go but I reckon my complete lack of game experience would help my opponents turn a blind eye to my gang selection. Otherwise they may quickly turn into a different gang that happen to have a few clubs and shields ;)...and a big robotic dog...

How about a link to pix of your Judges? I'd be interested to see them (as I haven't even though about painting mine yet-I need to finish converting them first)...maybe get a few ideas?

Anonymous said...

Love the Judge conversion.

As a 20mm gamer I've been looking at Grymm and wondering if they would work, these 'judges' make me more curios. How do you think th eGrymm compare to 20mm figs?

Inso said...

I reckon that the Grymn would be way too chunky for standard 20mm gaming. They are also about 22mm tall so they would be too big too...

...I'd almost say that they would be akin to Ogres at 20mm scale.

They are lovely miniatures though :) .