Sunday, 29 May 2011


It is Sunday again and to say that I have had a flat week would be an understatement.

The down-side is that I have no pictures to show off.

The good-side is that I have managed to achieve a fair amount of 'boring stuff'. We all know what the boring stuff is...trimming stuff off sprues, sanding resin so that it fits, filling gaps in miniatures, under-coating, know...the stuff that has to be done but doesn't add any obvious value to the end product.

Well...this week I have:

1. Received 3 Sand Carriers from Scotia Grendel and have cleaned, sanded, assembled and gap filled. I still need to fill in the odd air bubble hole though.
2. Carried on with my miniature sculpt. Not too far to go...just arms and detailing...then I'll show it off.
3. Sculpted 15 shoulder-pads, 10 helmet badges and 2 shield handles for my Enforcers.
4. Continued building up the cockpit on my mini-flier...and converted the nose cannon.
5. Won an item on E-bay...more to come on that one. it isn't as if I've done's just that I've done nothing to show off.

On a completely different note, I learned all about being the perfect husband today. How? may ask. Well, I was in Model Zone and saw that the Star Wars, 1/72nd scale, Clone Trooper Gunship was on sale for £9-99...knocked down from £26-99. There were three on the rack. I have wanted to buy them since they were released and finally, I had every excuse...but I realised that my hobby spending has been fairly high I bought my wife a CD instead.

Sometimes, the hobby has to take a back seat.

My recent E-bay victory! A bit of back story...

...back in the 1980's, mecha model kits were the big thing. Revell brought out a range of Robotech robots that were in various scales...Talos, Gartan, Aqualo...yes...those were the days! Well, amongst all of the Robotech, Macross and Mospeada kits were a range called Megaro Zamac and these were particularly dear to my heart...

I am very glad to say that I have just won Jha-Giga to go with my Da-Web, Ma-Drum and Dha-Gards kits...only three (or if I wanted to go all out, five) kits to go to complete the collection. Here's the poster with the kits on:

Click the Pic!

The poster doesn't show a Phantom and Harrier in Gerwalk form...hence I am not too worried about finishing that side of the collection.

Good stuff, eh?! is a Bank Holiday again so I have another day at home tomorrow. If all goes to plan, I will be able to finish filling the three Sand Carriers and continue with the rest of the sculpting. As an aside, I am sculpting in a slightly different way...I am using clay-shapers to try to smooth down the joins between details. I'll post more about this once my little sculpt is finished.

From now on, I will be having a nice glass of Port I won't be hobbying any more this fine Spring evening...but tomorrow...well, hopefully some progress but I guess we'll see.

See you when the rain falls!

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