Thursday, 26 May 2011

A bit of information.

Welcome to new follower Draxius! I hope you enjoy your stay and hope that you find something of interest on your travels around Inso's World.

A bit of information.

I have had quite a few questions about the Grymn miniatures I collect so much and I thought it would be a good idea to share some basic information on the miniatures.

1) Most of the Grymn range are single cast miniatures. That means no assembly apart from attaching them to the base.
2) They are all metal.
3) If you need to do head-swaps, you'll need clippers to remove the heads and the tools and green-stuff (or similar) to drill and pin the head to the body and to fill the gap.
4) Some of the Grymn range have separate arms/hands but they are generally from the Specialist section...if anyone needs specific information, I will put together a list and post it up (it will take a while though)
5) On average a Grymn trooper is around 22mm to 25mm tall.
6) The OGrymn (Geezer) is the same size as an Ogryn (from Games Workshop) at around 45mm tall.
7) They are well cast, require minimal clean up and are, of course, excellent :).

Did you know?...

...that the Grizzly power armour (from Starship Troopers) is still available? Look here:


...there is also the Cougar, Here:


...and for something the same...but different:

Holocaust Suit 1

Holocaust Suit 2

On a completely different subject, I have been on night shift this week and have been quite fatigued by it (along with my chest infection kicking my system) so I haven't been too busy. I have been adding a few bits and bobs to my Enforcers and have been continuing to slowly sculpt my miniature but apart from that, I haven't accomplished much.

...Mind you...I have just received another three APCs from Scotia Grendel so they may end up getting some work very soon...

Well...that's it for now!

See you through the volcanic ash!


Brandlin said...

I bought a set of grizzlys and cougars when mongoose got out of the mini business. Thought the grizzlies would make armoured gravity suits for halo jones, or holocaust judges. I didn't know mongoose were still selling them, or they'd remodelled them to make judges anyway...

Thanks for the heads up!

Inso said...

I'm not sure that they will be available for long...they don't have the license so I guess that once they are gone, they are gone.

...unless they are casting them no matter what.

Draxius said...

Thank you Inso, glad to be here. I had night shifts last week so I know the feeling. Coming week its the late shift for me...

As for doing the proper husbandry thing for my models...well the good stuff needs to arrive first.

Reason that I havent posted too many pictures beyond my starting posts is the lack of a proper camera. All I have is my iPhone, didnt think they looked that great.