Thursday, 7 April 2011

From a little acorn...

...a great Oak-tree grows.

The same can be said about a small idea.

I have sorted through my Grymn and have managed to assemble a complete platoon, with one other needing 9 miniatures to complete it. I have ordered the 9 miniatures and have also ordered a bunch of vehicles to go with them...and here is the basis of my latest army:

The Humble (Mechanised) Infantry Platoon.

Command Section:

Platoon Commander: SMG
Platoon Colour Sgt: SMG
Platoon Sgt: SMG
Platoon Comms Officer: SMG, Comms

Slingshot IFV

Support Section:

Section Sgt: SMG
Trooper: SMG, Rocket Launcher
2xTrooper: LMG

Sligshot IFV

3x Infantry Section:

Cpl (Alpha Fire-Team): SMG
Trooper: SMG
Trooper: SMG, Rocket Launcher
Trooper: LMG

LCpl (Charlie Fire-Team): SMG
Trooper: SMG
Trooper: SMG, Rocket Launcher
Trooper: LMG

Glaive APC


Each of the troops have a comms set-up inside his helmet for battlefield comms. The Command comms has greater range for calling in fire-support/artillery.

The Command and Support sections will be carried in their individual Slingshot IFV (each section of four troops gets its own transport vehicle) with the infantry sections having Glaive APC vehicles (one provided to carry all eight troops in the section).

I am planning on putting together a Mechanised Company which will consist of:

HQ Command section
3x Infantry Platoon
1x Support Platoon - may well be my airborne troops, in Dropships.
1x Heavy infantry Platoon
Assorted armour support.

I still have to nail down the other platoon/section organisation...but I will focus on getting each of the platoons finished before I worry too much about that.

Lots to think about there...but wait...what about the Tunnel Fighters? Well, they are being worked on as we speak. I have finished base-coating the latest squad and just need to tidy them up ready for the wash. After that squad is complete I have one further basic squad to convert and finish, followed by a couple of medic stands to complete the infantry side of the army. I then plan on assembling the last of the bigger mechs so that they can all be base-coated, ready for washing. Once they are done, I can worry about the rest of the Clanker units I have in boxes...

...speaking of Clanker units...I have been looking on E-Bay and have been astounded by the price that a box of three Bauhaus Vulkan battlesuits have fetched...£72-00 + postage!!!

That means that I have approximately £528-00 (+ postage) worth of Vulkans (if I could achieve the £72-00 per box)...

...It almost seems a shame to be chopping them up and converting them, doesn't it :D !

It is great to be back at home :D .

See you across the freshly mown lawns of an English stately manor.

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Sumatran Rat Monkey said...

I think you've just forced me to finally break down and start snagging the Grymn, once I have spending cash again next month, Inso. Thanks a lot. :P Haha

Great work, though, as always.

Also, if you're willing to part with them come June, I'd be direly eager to snag one of those boxes of 3 Vulkans off you, if you don't plan to chop them all up- I've been looking for a couple to round out a squad I'm building for one of my scifi army projects- have a Viktor to use as lead, and a standard Vulkan, could use 2-3 more Vulkans to round it out.

Let me know?

- Monk