Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The traveller returns...

I am sitting at home, in England, with a cup of tea, as I type this post.

I have returned from Kenya today and have had an epic 30 hour journey so I am extremely tired.

I can safely say that the detachment went extremely well...even with the aircraft breaking so often, we still managed to complete the required amount of flying and accomplished an excellent level of support for our army colleagues...so all the heartache was worth it.

I have had a good soak in the tub and am making the most of good old PG Tips tea! Tomorrow, I'll be worrying about unpacking properly...tonight I am just chilling out.

I have already looked through my Grymn storage boxes and have arranged some unpainted ones into the platoons I wanted to. All it means is that I need more specialists to go with them. I have one complete platoon with a second one needing 9 miniatures to complete it...I now have the choice to order before Salute or just wait and buy them there...decisions; decisions...

...Speaking of Salute...less than two weeks to go! I can't wait :) .

See you across English fields; breathing English air under an English sky!

...It is good to be home.

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