Sunday, 10 April 2011

Back to normal...

It is Sunday and seeing as I am back home, it makes sense to pick up where I left off and post a Sunday update.

After six weeks away from the hobby, I had to get my fix and a good place to start was a squad of Tunnel Fighters. Fortunately, I had a squad that had already been converted and they were perfect for the task:

Click the Pic!

Once I painted these I realised two things...

Firstly, I had painted the yellow on the top of the comms droid completely differently to the rest of them...I guess the workshops changed paint suppliers after the first batch of droids was finished...

Secondly, I had painted this squad with purple markings...I already have a purple squad...fortunately, the purple on these is quite bold so there will be no confusion with the more pastel looking purple on the other squad...

I guess I was just glad to be painting again!

Now that the (second) purple squad is finished, I have been converting up the next squad...a close combat squad. So far, I have cleaned them all up and glued the replacement heads on. Once the Green Stuff on the bases has dried, I will be filling in all the gaps between head and body, ready for the 'hump' to be sculpted on their backs. To be honest, I had forgotten just how time consuming these are to convert but I guess the effort is worth it in the end :) .

So...the Tunnel Fighter's it going and where is it going?

The army so far has:

Command squad (10)
6x Heavy Infantry squads (10 in each)
3x Close Combat squads (10 in each)
1x Drone unit
1x K9 unit
2x Clanker squad (3 in each)
6x Support Mech (various types - all Votoms kits - 5 built and base-coated, 1 finished)

What remains to be built/painted:

1x Close Combat squad (10)
1x Medic Unit (6 troops on 3 bases)
5x Support Mech (build, base-coat and paint)
5x Support Mech (finish painting)
5x Clanker squad (still boxed and in the raw)

My main goal is to finish the troops (close combat and medics) and then tick along with the other bits and pieces while I embark on the Urban Army project...

The Urban Army project started a while ago with my jump-pack troops. I quickly learned that the camouflage was a complete wotsit to paint so I plan to paint the rest of the ground troops in a more simple grey scheme . I may even add battle damage to depends on how I feel. The troops themselves, will be unconverted light infantry with helmets (like these) so that I can quickly assemble units for painting without having to convert every miniature like the Tunnel Fighters...I think it will be refreshing NOT to have to convert everything...give me a bit of a rest and maybe enable me to do a bit of sculpting...who knows?

Speaking of sculpting...I saw these and got an idea...

Click the Pic!

These are some extremely interesting new Space Dwarf miniatures by Pega Minidesign and they are called Ulkans. They are, to be blunt...lovely and I would love to own a load of them...maybe I will once they get a few more in the shop. Since I saw them I have had an idea of an alien race that is short and maybe I'll knock some up and see where the muse takes me.

That is the lot for now.

See you over a steaming cup of rosy lee!

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