Friday, 15 April 2011

The calm before the storm.

Today is the day before SALUTE.

I have my ticket for the show, my ticket for the train, a wallet bulging with pennies and a long suffering wife who will be dropping me off at the railway station nice and early in the morning.

This year, like last year, I will be helping out on the Hasslefree Miniatures stand which can be found by walking through the entrance hall doors, turning left and walking until you bump into the dividing wall...If you look on the map (in the Salute link) it is TA03.

As usual, I have a few places lined up for a visit during the day so here is a vague list of the main places I'll be looking to visit:

Hasslefree Miniatures (obviously): TA03: Mostly to buy Grymn...Heavy Infantry and a few Specialists.

Heresy Miniatures: TA05: To see the finished dragon and also to have a look at what is on offer...Trenchcoat Gangers and Sci-fi troopers are of main interest.

Twilight Miniatures: TB01: All excellent stuff but I generally look at this range for conversion potential...there are new 'alien' cavalry and pack animals that are of main interest...that and to chat to Mike and Allan on the stand...I am also looking forward to seeing the finished terrain board with the laser etched buildings from Brandlin.

Studio Mcvey: TG03: They have a bunch of sci-fi troops for their 'Sedition' range that I quite like the look of.

Ground Zero Games: TJ15: To look at the 15mm vehicles to see what can be turned to Grymn advantage.

Antenociti's Workshop
: TH08: There is just too much resin goodness to walk past. Some of the new vehicles are absolutely stunning and Dwartist has been doing a fantastic job of painting/converting them too.

Wayland Games: TH09: All I need to say here is...all sorts of war-gaming stuff, cheap.

Artemis Black
: TC03: Another discount shop with all sorts of different ranges...definitely worth a look.

Critical Mass Games: TA26: A manufacturer of the finest 15mm sci-fi miniatures you can none. Crisply cast, expertly designed and a wide variety of troops and vehicles. The Arc fleet Walkers are awesome.

Otherworld Miniatures: TA08: Some lovely fantasy monsters.

Westwind Productions: TB08: Secrets of the Third Reich vehicles and miniatures.

Pulp City: TM06: Superhero miniatures and they also have Maxi-Mini on the same stand...resin doo-dads and miniatures.

Black Hat Miniatures: TK19: Superheroes, sci-fi and a new release of an old favourite: Cobalt sci-fi.

There are others that I am likely to visit but the main ones are above.

As well as visiting the traders, I will be having a look over the various gaming tables, enjoying the entertainment provided by the historical re-enactors (and the various people dressed up in costumes...always worth a laugh!), marvelling at the paint-jobs in the painting contest, chatting to the many visitors to the Hasslefree stand and hopefully getting to have a cup of coffee with a few mates (when I can find a few minutes!).

If you are going, I will be identified by my 'INSO' name-tag over at the HF stand. Come and say hello if you see me :).

I am really looking forward to my day in an alternate reality.

See you at the old smoke!


Lasgunpacker said...

Extremely envious! Hope you have a great time, and take some pictures.

Inso said...

I'll see if I can dig out a camera this year...but I can't promise anything because I'll be working on the day...we'll see :) .