Sunday, 20 February 2011

3...2...1...BLAST OFF!

It's a great day today. Why? Hat Guy has just joined in the fun at Inso's World as the 100th follower! Welcome aboard Hat Guy, I hope you enjoy your journey through the place and take home plenty of inspiration for your own projects.

I have had a rather slow end to the week...the anti-malaria meds have had a dramatic effect on my sleep and that means touching anything vaguely hobby related would lead to a catastrophic accident of some I only managed to finish off the three death-scooters:

Click the Pic!

Unfortunately, it will be a good few weeks before they see any paint because this week I am mostly travelling to Africa at some point. Yes it is that time where I go to sunny climbs for a month or so to work at my usual job...but in a hotter place...and for a different, yet similar reason.

This time, I hope to go on safari at some point but I guess I'll just have to wait and see on that one.

So...what have I been thinking about this week? I have been thinking about Urban Grymn.

I have a LOT of Grymn set aside for my Urban Grymn project...and now that Hasslefree have more Grymn specialists in the pipeline, I have plans to add a few of those too. The only thing that has stalled my plans for these is the way I plan to base them. I have purchased a lot of resin bases but have absolutely no enthusiasm for using them. As a result, I am not going to use them and will be using my standard basing technique. This means that I can concentrate on getting them prepared for painting and when they are done, they will match the bases of all my other troops.

It also means that my Tunnel Fighters could be added to the Urban Army as a separate regiment...which is nice :). Of course, I have to finish the Tunnel Fighters too...but that is a different kettle of fish.

To finish off this post, I can safely say that the next one will be from sunny Kenya...whether it is on a Sunday or not...I can't say.

See you from the window of air transport!


ubik said...

Are you on Malarone? I used to go sleep, then wake up after 8 hours of intense and insane dreams feeling as if I had just gone to bed 5 minutes before. Horrible stuff, but better than the alternatives. Very hard to keep taking for longer than 3 weeks as you feel like you are going insane.

Inso said...

Yep Malarone. At least if I'm not sleeping, I don't have the bad dreams! Last time I had the tablets, the dreams were very vivid and to be quite blunt...bloody awful!

This is where the Insomnia helps because I am quite used to going without sleep so it doesn't really knock me back too much (apart from fine motor skills). for going insane...been there for years :D !