Friday, 25 February 2011

Are we there yet?

...Yes, we are.

After an 'interesting' journey, we arrived in Kenya and have now settled into our rooms and begun to get to grips with work. I have bought a nice bit of internet time so that I can keep myself entertained and still keep up with stuff like updating Inso's World.

Here is a picture of some elephant bones that are leaning up against one of the buildings at work:

Click the Pic!

Due to all of the travelling, losing three hours due to the change to Kenya time and generally not sleeping very much in the build up to getting here, I am pretty tired I'll be getting an early night tonight :).

As you will probably understand, I have not brought any hobby stuff with me so any updates are only going to be text based where that is concerned...but there may be a few pix of things out here because I did bring a camera with me.

All that remains to be said is that normal service will be resumed in April when I get back...but until then, you never know what may turn up on here so keep watching...

...especially because I don't have a TV or music to distract me, nor painting or there is likely to be a bit of story telling and other bits and bobs :) .

So...I'll see you from the shadow of Mount Kenya!

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