Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday goodness...

I have had a fairly mixed week this week...

I drove down to See my dad (about time too seeing as I hadn't seen him for 6 months) and had a nice day there. I have been staying up late and chilling out in my own space (we all need it some times). I have been contacted, out of the blue, by a person from my childhood years...who now lives in Australia (I really love never know what will turn up in your message box!). I have been compelled to buy a box of Dark Eldar to paint (more on that further down this post). I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (what a great puppet shadow-show in the middle of that film) and I have also managed to tick along with my current Grymn Tunnel Fighter project, the Votoms's the latest one painted to a 'pre-washed' standard like the two Brutish Dogs are:

Click the Pic!

...and it would be a shame not to show a small group hug:

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Obviously, the mechs aren't all finished yet but it is good to get the three of them to the same standard...and not in shiny coloured plastic. The next one to be assembled is likely to be another Brutish Dog...but it may be another standard Scope Dog...

So I was thinking...I have some Dark Eldar now. I also have a box of 5 Dark Elf Cold-One cavalry...and I don't collect it had to be done...

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I suppose this would be a sort of Exodite Dark Eldar? The good thing is that a standard Dark Eldar squad can be 5 troops strong so that leaves me enough to make 5 cavalry too...and I don't need to tie them into any ruleset because I don't game! It will all be just for the look of it. Don't you just love toys without any purpose?!

It took a little work to tie the torso in with the cavalry legs but it worked out OK.

Well...another day another update finished.

See you upon the golden shores.

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