Sunday, 28 November 2010

...and another thing...

Well it's Sunday already and I'd like to start off by welcoming Pau to Inso's World! I hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to post comments...constructive comments are always welcomed :).

It has been one of those weeks, this week. I have been working a night shift so my body clock has been thrown out as usual...and I'm on late shift this coming week followed by a week's 'Quality Assurance' course away from can certainly never be considered dull around here.

On my down-time I have been tired but still able to do some hobby stuff...which is nice. I even started doing a little bit of sculpting until I pulled a tendon in my thumb...but not even that could stop me I ticked along with the Votoms and managed to finish one to a base-coated standard and assemble another one; ready to be painted. Here is what I have so far:

Click the Pic!

Looking at the pic, I still need to fill in a few bits and I just remembered that I have to put the pilot in...

I have no pilots. I am waiting for an order to arrive from Em4 that is full of 'cheap plastic goodness' other words; pilots. I have also ordered a few plastic mechs to go with them...but it is a gamble so we'll see what turns up. On the ordering front, I have also made an order through GW and have bought some bases (six dreadnought bases and 10 bike bases) along with a couple of Lord of the Ring Dwarfs to finish off the very small war-party I have...maybe I'll show them off at some point but I'll have to paint them first.

I don't like the Italian postal service...parcel sent: didn't arrive: refund given :( . I will not be posting to Italy again unless it is special delivery or something...

On another completely random note...never underestimate the generosity of strangers. I visit lots of forums and socialise with lots of people on line. Some I have met, some I know to chat to, some are friends and some are trolls...but on this occasion, I clicked on a post, saw something I liked and mentioned that I liked one of the miniatures and wanted to know where it was from so I could get one. I didn't know the guy posting, I had no idea where he lived or even if he was a guy or a girl (I know now :) ) but I got a private message asking for my address so he could send me a duplicate miniature...which has since turned up and is as awesome as it looked in his post pix. I was very happy, as you can imagine and have sent a small thank you in return...but this brings up the message of this post...

...a lot of people consider us weird for participating in our hobby. Some times we get ridiculed, sometimes we are scorned. sometimes people marvel at what we have achieved...but generally speaking, we can all considered to be a friendly bunch who view other peoples love of our hobby as something to be cherished and we continuously share ideas, praise, constructive criticism, tutorials, time and even miniatures or supplies with people we have never met...there is a lot of trust on here you know. It makes me realise that there are a lot of good people out there and how lucky we are to be a part of such a welcoming community.

I mentioned this on Facebook and the first post I got in return was 'That is a bit weird...what do they want?'...they didn't believe me when I said that there was no price or anything wanted in makes you think, doesn't it?


It is a joy to behold! Kev White, of Hasslefree Miniatures has been sculpting Grymn again and it looks like I will be spending a lot of money when they turn up. The above link shows some of them but there are heavy infantry, powered armour troops and a few characters too...not to mention a grav-bike with optional pillion...colour me happy :).


The above link shows new Kindred (they look like WW1 Halflings)...they are pretty cool too!

Phew! So much to say!

I am bored of Dark Eldar for now...all the Grymn news has distracted the Tunnel Fighters will be back on the menu for the time being...that obviously includes the mechs but I have (as I mentioned earlier) started sculpting and while I could, I began the conversion work on my medical team...pix will come soon...

...I think that is about it for now!

See you through the wheat!


Pauix said...

The first time i saw your work, i made me a fan of your blog just for seeing the excelent photographies of your work. Today i've just readed your thougs, and now you've a true reader! :)
Thanks for the welcome. I think the same about most of the people who share this hobby. Just discoverede your other blog, the Grymn one. Have another follower. Lot's of information for one morning!
Ah, by the way, your mechs are very good! Waiting for seeing a group photograhpy of all the tunnellers when finished!!

Inso said...

Thanks :).

You are most certainly welcome aboard and I hope that I keep your interest over the time that you are here.

I reckon it is a case of unity through oppression! (with regard to our hobby associates and friends).

Yes...the Grymn Blog. It has been quiet for a while but I will be adding stuff pretty soon...