Thursday, 18 November 2010

Dark Eldar?

Hello again... I am back and I welcome another follower 'The Angry Lurker'...welcome aboard and please keep your arms within the confines of the car...thank you!

I saw so many pictures of black clad Dark Eldar with neon highlights that I was compelled to buy some and paint them in a normal fashion...this one is painted to resemble a grave stone...he is a member of the Kabal of the Desecrated Tomb:

Click the Pic!

Isn't it funny the way things go?

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Allan and Carmen said...

Love the colour scheme.

Which colours did you use?

Happy Gaming,


Inso said...

Undercoat: Dheneb Stone
Base coat
Armour: Codex grey
Cloth: Chardonite Granite
Weapons: Gunmetal
Tabard: Dheneb Stone

Wash the whole thing with Devlan mud.

Stipple the armour with patches of camo green and dark flesh and dry brush with some codex grey. Highlight with a 50/50 mix of shadow grey and codex grey.

Cloth is further washed with badab black.

Pistol has a scorched brown casing washed with devlan mud.

The tabard is washed with very watery thraka green and Baal red and then highlighted with dheneb stone

the bones and helmet markings are just bleached bone highlighted with skull white.

The eyes and red pouch are mechrite red with blood red highlight.

the green bits are darkangel green with scorpion green mixed in for highlights.

Base is bestial brown with vomit brown highlight and a chaos black rim...

...I think that covers it all ;)

Lasgunpacker said...

wow, that is a great color scheme! I particularly like the "boots" and "gloves" look it gives the hands and feet.

How do the new Dark Eldar compare in size to other figures? Would their bitz be compatible with IG or empire bitz?

Inso said...

They are slightly taller and more slight than IG...and I don't own any fantasy miniatures, so Empire Soliers are beyond my knowledge I guess.

I'm not sure the style would suit IG and the waist would need sorting out because they are ball and socket rather than flat against flat surface.

bandit86 said...

Really is the a Grymn siting inside it. :)

Inso said...

Haha! Not on this occasion...but I have a box of the one could end up a bit shorter than the rest ;)...

pulpcitizen said...

The Dark Eldar colour scheme you have chosen works really, really well. Kudos.

Anonymous said...


Really nice and original colour scheme. Well done, too.