Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Is it Tuesday?...

Hey! Welcome to all of you...and welcome to new follower Critical Mass Games! Enjoy the view!

I was asked on a forum somewhere 'how do you sort out the pilots in your Votoms?' So I thought I'd knock together a bit of a how to...see this:

Click the Pic!

It is a very simple procedure and would work with any 28mm scaled miniature...if you went for larger or smaller scales, you'd have to raise or lower the cockpit floor to suit, otherwise they wouldn't be able to see out of the window :).

You may have noticed that the body used above was green...that is because I have stuck together the latest mech; a Scope Dog:

Click the Pic!

I still need to add the shoulders but I do that once the arms are painted. This one is going to be painted in a slightly different sequence because the arms will obscure details...so I will paint the mech with the arms moveable and then glue them in place once I have finished...a little more awkward but it will end up looking OK. The Scope Dogs will be added to my basic infantry squads because they look the most like basic infantry :).

I have painted the second Brutish Dog to the same standard as it's friend and that means that I need to wash, highlight and detail the pair of them...but I really can't be bothered to wash them at the moment so I thought I would ride the crest of the muse while I have it and continue assembling and base-coating for now.

See you across the water!

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